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LTS Land Technology & Services

The company, founded in 2001, operates in the field of geomatics with specific reference to new technologies related to topographic surveys, geological/geophysical survey and Territorial Spatial  Databases.
The availability and the large amount of high-performance detection systems such as terrestrial and avionics laser scanner instruments enabled the LTS Ltd company to become the industry leader in these specific areas.
LTS Ltd has been certified by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) Air Operator for SAPR Unmanned Systems, and performs proximity aerial surveys with LiDAR, digital cameras, multispectral and thermal imaging sensors.
LTS Ltd has performed, in Italy and in foreign countries, important geological mapping projects, archeological and geomechanical studies, all characterized by the field work and by the design and implementation of spatial databases
LTS Ltd has designed and developed high-tech surveys in Italy and in several foreign countries, providing high-quality products and certifying their processes. ISO 9001:2008.
The company's organization is made up of highly qualified staff with post - graduate degree and work experience in universities, research institutions and large public and private companies.
LTS srl in collaboration with TPI Engineering has developed high-performance detection systems (MMS )  laser and video, used for the massive mapping of elements on urban and suburban roads.

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TPI Engineering Ltd

TPI Engineering was founded in 2009 as the natural growth of its members’ experiences. The scope of the activities developed directly by the company, mainly concerns the transportation engineering sector and the relevant applied  I.T. Systems.
The services offered are carried out individually or in partnerships along with other professionals, companies and university departments with the goal of offering a complete and integrated range of services .
The experience gained by the technical staff covering many aspects of the transportation field: regional spatial planning or urban mobility and traffic plans, road design and intersection desig, safety analysis.
Models on macro or micro scale have been developed for the estimation of the expected effects (speed, enqueues, time wasters) on both final interventions and on temporary construction sites with high vehicular flows.
Great attention is paid to the quality of the information, taking care of its organization, geographical representation and data management.
The collaboration with the LTS Ltd has allowed to improve survey methods to describe the roads and their functional accessories.

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