Welcome in SILA.NET

The network, consisting of LTS Land Technology & Services Ltd. and TPI Engineering Ltd., and aimed at the Studio, Design, Implementation, Distribution and Use of high-performance systems in the field of reliefs Mobile Video / Laser Using terrestrial and airborne platforms, under the hardware and Software profile.

In order to improve the supply, network provides to customers also the typical activities of individual companies , connected in more or less marked manner with the primary aim.

Goals aim to promote research, technological development, innovation, towards a greater affirmation and dissemination of system HD and SW for mobile mappig at high-performance. In addition to increase competitiveness of companies in the domestic market or to the Internationalization services and products.

The Company pertaining to the network believe it is necessary to characterize their respective products and services with a high level of innovation and high quality standards .

The headquarter of the Network is in Viale della Repubblica, 13 - 31020 Villorba (TV).